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The Inclusion

June’s issue of the Inclusion

Your monthly D&I news and insights blog. Feature writer, Rick talks about how internships affect social mobility and we celebrate another edition of Talent Talks.

Is D&I the new tech?

Are business leaders about to make the same mistakes with D&I as they did with tech? Thanks to the likes of Pepsi, H&M and Uber, (interchangeable with any number of top firms including Starbucks, Sephora & Prada), we have all seen that businesses need to...

10 ways you can help diverse employees feel like they belong

Jordanna Phillips, a member of our Arrival Network, recently wrote about how challenging and isolating it can be when you come from a different background in a predominately white, middle-class workplace. She spoke about the disconnect from her colleagues to the world...

How is diversity a mark of great leadership?

Written for The Inclusion by Patricia Hamzahee, Founder of Integriti Capital and Senior Advisor of The Good Economy.   Diversity is a mark of Leadership Why are many more companies running to embrace Diversity and Inclusion beyond the token appointment of a few women...

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