Our story

We have a remarkable story to tell

Back in 2003, Dan Snell, our Founder and CEO, was working in the City of London when his flatmate’s younger brother was tragically murdered. It was a senseless street crime over a game of Snake on a Nokia phone.

Before its foundation, Dan had been volunteering at a local state school in North West London volunteer, which had a challenging and economically deprived catchment area.

Access, knowledge & opportunities

What quickly became apparent was how many switched-on, ambitious young students attended the school. However, it was also obvious that these young people, although smart, driven and talented, had little-to-no chance of getting the kind of jobs that more affluent kids would take for granted. This was not due to a lack of ability. Rather, the young people did not have access to the kind of insight, knowledge and opportunities that successful families pass down to their children.

In 2006, driven by a desire to address this inequality, Dan left the security of a corporate job to work full-time in the school for a year and with the support of the likes of The Young Foundation, set up Arrival Education Ltd.

Better indicators of professional capabilities

Although social mobility was a hot political topic, the Arrival Education team decided the Government’s emphasis on academic attainment and university as a guaranteed route to success was wrong.

“Their programmes are truly transformative and enable students and company employees alike to see new possibilities for themselves, what it takes to realise them and build the self-belief that they can be realised.” — Rick Bacon, Aqua Metrology Systems

Our hunch proved correct after conversations with leading businesses, across a range of sectors. The universal feedback from CEOs and HR directors was that university degrees were a poor indicator of professional success. Instead, business leaders spoke about mindsets and personal qualities, such as tenacity, perseverance, integrity, self-awareness and resilience.

Developing these qualities and attributes in the young people, as well as passing on knowledge and insight about the world of work, was where we placed our focus.

Success ready young professionals

Our vision was to equip those brilliant young people with the tools and mind-sets necessary to flourish in life, which we call Success Ready. We believed that with the right input, these young people could become the business leaders of the future.

Partnering with forward-thinking businesses, third sector organisations and head teachers, in 2008, we launched the UK’s first and only 4-year development programme to assure social mobility, called Success for Life.

You can read more about the Success for Life programme and its impact in the Arrival Education 10 Year Report.

“We hope that this report leaves you with a sense of the depth, rigor and commitment of our work, along with the impact it has had. We also want to acknowledge the incredible commitment, insight and energy of the many remarkable people who contributed to us personally, to our work, and to our success.” — Daniel Snell, Founder & Emily Shenton, MD

However, we would not see the amazing results of our programmes without the forward-thinking business leaders who want to make a difference to the lives of young people with infectious positive attitudes and our network of young, talented professionals who inspire us every day.

To find out how Arrival Education can help your business or career, drop us a message and one of our consultants will be in touch.