Create social mobility, transform lives & help businesses unlock the power of difference

Social impact & business success

We enable globally recognised businesses connect with ambitious, switched on talent from socially and economically disadvantaged and ethnically diverse backgrounds. Our award-winning programmes create real change in terms of diversity & inclusion in the workplace and social impact.

A bold mission with impactful results

Social mobility is a focus of forward-thinking business leaders who recognise it as critical to economic success. However, there is scant evidence of progress on this front.

Arrival Education’s mission is to create genuine behavioural change in business cultures, enrichment of diverse young talent’s lives and, ultimately, open pathways to success for businesses and diverse talent.

A transformative focus

Arrival Education places a unique focus on the diverse talent's ambition, drive and ability to work rather than academic accomplishments. To make evidential change in businesses, we create real change in employers' perceptions, workplace cultures and a direct pipeline into a pool of candidates.

We work with two communities to achieve this: forward-thinking business leaders from top businesses and a huge network of ambitious, switched on young people from non-traditional backgrounds. 

Coaching hours

Young people

Senior leaders

Our leaders

Emily Shenton

Emily Shenton

Co Founder

Although I started my career in marketing at Unilever, my great passion is enabling people and organisations to connect, transcend and transform. Whatever age, or stage of life, whether 1-to-1, or in a group, it is such a privilege to enable people to overcome barriers, see new possibilities and produce results that they didn’t think were possible.

Daniel Snell

Daniel Snell

Co Founder

I was born in Scotland, grew up in the Lake District and moved to London in 1991. After obtaining a degree, I worked, after a fashion, at Thomson Reuters, among other businesses. I am immensely proud of what Arrival Education has achieved, the team and their impact on the talent and on the leaders of business in the last decade. Currently, my central focus is leadership, culture, strategy and developing new products.

Working with Arrival Education

Changing beliefs, mind-sets and behaviours is hard. Since 2006, we have worked with FTSE 250 organisations and brilliant diverse talent aged between 14 and 26 - we know it's not an easy, overnight process. But this is what we enjoy. And what we are really good at!

We've worked with organisations in a wide range of industries; Investment and banking, pharmaceuticals, fashion and online retail, media, construction and FSMG.

"A unique & dynamic approach"

"Arrival Education takes a unique and dynamic approach to personal development which is transformative for their students’ lives and makes a significant impact on their corporate partners. I have first-hand experience working as a coach to one of their students and I found it one of the most challenging, rewarding and developmental assignments of my career."

Sam Gilpin, Global Head of Client Development, YSC

"Arrival Education changed how our leaders perceived talent"

“Not only did working with Arrival Education improve our leader’s coaching skills, but also changed how they perceived different talent. As a direct result of Arrival Education’s programme, we have recruited diverse talent into our business. It is a coaching, culture and diversity programme that actually produces the results we were looking for."]

Paula Lindores, Head of Leadership, Skanska UK

"They helped me see that difference is highly positive"

“Working with Arrival Education has had a marked effect on the way I embrace different individuals and coaching. It has helped me see that the difference in people is highly positive and something we should nurture.”

David Hamilton, Head of Leadership, Kerry Foods


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