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Coaching skills programmes that positively impact workplace diversity & culture

Coaching skills

We often work with business leaders from blue-chip organisations who have set their Diversity & Inclusion Strategy in motion but find, whilst they can attracted and recruit amazing, diverse talent, they can’t retain them or aren’t seeing the results they aimed for. A lot of this can be due to the company’s leaders lacking the necessary skills to create an inclusive culture for diverse talent to thrive.

Coaching skills for inclusive cultures

Research shows diverse teams only outperform homogeneous teams if they are well managed. Our coaching skills programme designed to break down barriers, equip leaders with the tools to connect with different people, and give them a coaching method that helps the coach enable the coachee.

Since 2006, we have worked with thousands of young professionals from diverse backgrounds and more than 500 business leaders. We know what works and how to equip businesses and team leaders with empowering and enabling team, and to be more open and aware of talent from different backgrounds. Inevitably, participants become diversity champions for the business.

Participants are trained in our unique CAUSE coaching model. The model was designed to help people with different backgrounds and life experiences connect and perform.

The results are more confident, open leaders who can effectively manage and coach a diverse workplace culture to produce results.

Coaching training

Programme participants are trained in Arrival Education’s core coaching principles and CAUSE coaching model, which have been proven to create genuine change and release potential. Our approach to coaching is straight-forward and leads to honest, constructive communication.

Profile matching

Participants are matched with members of our diverse young talent network (aged 18-24) who they will coach on a 1-to-1 basis over 9 months. Our Talent Team carefully matches students with their coaches based on their personality, what they both want to develop and by assessing who would have the greatest impact on whom.

1-to-1 coaching

Meeting every 4 to 6 weeks, pairs review progress, discuss leadership capabilities and set objectives. Coaches have access to our coaching materials covering topics including Authenticity and Self-Awareness,  Accountability and Integrity, and Building Effective Teams. They’ll review and set goals at each session, identify and transition through barriers to performance, and commit to new practices or behaviours to try over the following month.

Facilitation & keynote speakers

Along with regular support, peer group and feedback, we facilitate 2 group sessions – at the mid-point and end celebration– to reflect and learn, celebrate successes and encourage reverse coaching (where the student coaches the coach). There are also opportunities to have key note speakers attend these events for your staff and the students to gain even more value.

Inclusive leadership

Empower your managers with the skills to become more effective and the know-how to manage diversity in the workplace and unleash the potential of exceptional diverse talent.

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Diversity recruitment

Attract and hire the brilliant diverse talent your business needs to succeed with the help of our network of inspiring young professionals who want to work in companies like yours.

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CSR & social impact

Take part in CSR and social impact events that create positive real changes in the lives of young adults from disadvantaged and diverse communities.

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Skanska UK

“Working with Arrival Education has had a marked effect on the way I embrace different individuals and coaching. It has helped me see that the difference in people is highly positive and something we should nurture.”

David Hamilton

Chief Innovation Officer, Kerry Group