Membership criteria

The Arrival Network is open to all aged 18-26 that have attended a non-fee paying secondary school as well as at least one of our social mobility criteria. If this sounds like you join our network.

You must be…


Aged 18-26

Our opportunities are suitable for 18-26 ready to enter and excel in the world of work. 

Non-fee paying school

To ensure social mobility, you must have gone to a non-fee paying school. 


Our opportunities are amazing and we want to put forward the talent that are ready and driven. 

And at least one of the following…


Low-income family

During your secondary education your household earning must have been below £45k (£35k if you’re outside of London).  


Received benefits

Either you or your family have received income-related benefits such as housing benefit or income support.


Free school meals

During secondary school, you should have received or been eligible for free school meals. 


1st generation university

When you were at secondary school, neither of your parents had been to university.

What do I need to register?

At Arrival Education, we are proud to represent great, career minded ethnic or socially diverse diverse talent. However, in order to make sure we get it right, our application process requires some basic information, designed to help us better understand our members and offer the right opportunities.

If you need to update your details please email

Contact information

We'll need your up to date information so we know how to contact you. 

Your education

You don't need great academic results, but we need to know what you got for your GCSE's. 

Equal opportunities

To ensure equality in the workplace we'll ask for your ethnicity, gender and date of birth.

Career and interests

So we can match you to roles and opportunities we like to know what you're career interests are. 


Your eligibility

These questions let us know if you meet the network eligibility criteria so we can ensure social mobility.

CV and LinkedIn

This is optional but helps us to understand your profile and where you are at in your career. 

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