Looking for a 38% return on your stock market investment? Brampton Manor Academy students can help you!

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If you were given £100,000 to build and manage an investment portfolio, how well would it perform after five months?

On 24th April 2019, we celebrated the completion of our Profit Hunt CSR programme with Artemis Investment Management. Over the past five months, 22 volunteers have helped 54 sixth-form students from London, who face social, economic and cultural barriers to entering the financial services sector, understand how the stock market works. The volunteer mentors assisted 11 teams in selecting and managing their own investment portfolios, as part of our simulated trading game. This was the first time we have run the programme with Artemis.

Partnering young people and professionals

The 54 students, selected from over 150 applicants, represented Alperton Community School, Brampton Manor Academy, Cardinal Pole Catholic School, Langdon Park School and Morpeth School. It provided a chance for them to learn new knowledge and skills and become comfortable with operating in a professional environment. In addition to making regular trading submissions, teams had to present on one of their stock choices to an audience of 70 peers and mentors. Additionally, teams heard from top business professionals, including Dave Lewis, the CEO of Tesco, and Omar Bello, Acquisitions and Finance Analyst in the Private Equity sector, and an Arrival Network member.

Value for all involved

This experiential programme has provided a wealth of learning opportunities for students, as well as the volunteers from Artemis.

  • 98% of students feel that they have gained a new perspective, or are exposed to a new way of thinking
  • 96% of students have gained employability skills
  • 85% of students feel that being part of the programme has improved their overall quality of life
  • 83% of the Artemis volunteers feel they have personally developed as a result of the programme

And the winners were…

Team were awarded prizes for Best Portfolio, Best Performing Stock, Best Team Spirit and Best Presentation. The winners were:

Best Portfolio: Wolves of Wall Street: Vlad Bragoi, Donatas Jacinavicius, Jimmy Doan, Mohammed Ajmal Jaleel, Omor Ullah

Best Performing Stock: Wolves of Wall Street

Best Team Spirit: The Dragons: Zahirah Azad, Samiha Siddika, Hafiza Alim, Asiya Farah, Tasnim Hussain

Best Presentation: Shmoney: Abena Boatey, Charley Craig, Zoe Ikeotuonye, Christabel Oparah, Tosin Olusoji

Winning teams received a combination of Amazon vouchers and cinema vouchers. All 11 participating teams were very kindly gifted a selection of business books by their mentors.

The importance of patience and calculated risks

We caught up with Wolves of Wall Wall Street, who scooped the Best Portfolio and Best Performing Stock awards, about their programme experiences.

Looking back over your time on the programme, what have you learned about yourself?

Vlad: “I’ve learnt how impatient I can be, because at times when our team’s volatile stock would drop significantly, I was stubborn on selling it instead of keeping it.”

Jimmy: “I’ve learnt that I’ve only been looking at investing in a small scope, and at first I didn’t look into the larger determinants to stock prices.”

What is your top tip for building a great investment portfolio?

Omor and Vlad: “Not to be afraid of taking calculated risks, but with a backup strategy because the higher the risk, the higher the reward will be ”

Donatas: “To invest in businesses largely unaffected by political turbulence”

Jimmy: “When considering specific brands, it depends on what position their economy is in, and its trading relations with other countries.”

What was your favourite moment from the programme?

Vlad: “The whole journey has been fantastic, but if I had to choose the best moment it would have to be the Awards Evening, as it brought recollections from all of the programme events, a networking opportunity and the chance of winning one or more Awards.”

Donatas and Omor: “My favourite moment was the presentation. Presenting, although stressful, was rewarding and helped build confidence.”

Having worked with Artemis for the past 5 months, what do you think of them as a company?

Vlad: “Artemis is a well-coordinated and organised company, not just in their domain but in other cases such as arranging such fantastic programmes for students.”

Donatas and Omor: “Artemis creates both a professional and very inviting environment; the staff make you feel welcomed, and are easy to talk to.”

Fostering development in future professionals

The team was mentored by Tri Huynh and Laurent Millet from Artemis. Tri has taken the time to reflect on his team’s performance.

What it was like working with the students?

It was refreshing to work with a bunch of students who were not only keen to learn but very engaging and dare I say, competitive!

What you yourselves learned from the process?

Personally for me, it was not only rewarding to pass on some of my knowledge and experiences but it was great to see the students develop. With no financial knowledge, they built a winning, portfolio that would put a lot of experienced investors to shame! But, equally important, I felt they also picked up some important skills, and learnt from the few mistakes that they made along the way.

What was your favourite moment from the programme?

Watching them do the presentation and see it all come together. The presentation was very professional and the team did a great job of describing some of the challenges.

To give my own reflection, I have to agree with Tri. As a former Economics student, I was hugely impressed by the depth of the research that went into the presentations, and the confidence with which the students spoke around complex subject matter.

What’s next?

Although the competition is finished, it isn’t the end for students and their mentors. We are currently working with Artemis to create a series of experiences for participants over the 9 months, so the mentors can continue to support students as they go through their post-school decisions.

Find out more about our experience programmes

Our investment experience programmes are bespoke. We work alongside your leaders, HRD and strategists to develop a programme and place participants that meet your agenda and values as well as giving the biggest impact for our students. If you’re interested in hearing more, speak with our Director Emily Shenton on LinkedIn or contact@arrivaleducation.com.


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