The Inclusion

Welcome to the second issue of The Inclusion, an intelligent D&I Newsletter that demands attention from all forward-thinking businesses. We’re interested in your thoughts.

What’s stopping businesses achieving their diversity goals?

Our co-founder, Dan Snell, writes how Greta Thornburg’s message can change the way businesses manage diversity and inclusion.

10 ways you can help diverse employees feel like they belong

Learn how to help diverse talent feel as they they belong by creating a culture that allows people to feel accepted and wanted.

How is diversity a mark of great leadership?

Patricia Hamzahee, Founder of Integriti Capital asks whether diversity training does any good and what we can do as leaders.

Talent Talks: The new rules for success. 

“I don’t think my value comes from attending and studying at Cambridge alone but from the life lessons, I learned in order to get here.”.


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