The Inclusion

It gives us great pleasure to share Arrival Education’s inaugural diversity and inclusion newsletter, The Inclusion.We hope it becomes a regular monthly read for business leaders and professionals who want to unlock the power of social and ethnic diversity. It should hopefully provide food-for-thought, practical ideas and insightful reads that can be shared with colleagues and wider networks.

Why leaders need to support their D&I teams

Why business leaders need to support their D&I teams.
Our co-founder, Dan Snell, writes on why business leaders need to support their D&I teams more if they want to see real change.

5 practical tips on building and inclusive culture

Ed Fox, HR Strategy and Policy Manager, FCAA encourages us to scale up what works and turn off what doesn’t.

What it’s like to be from a different background in UK firms

Jordana Phillips writes a powerful, moving piece about what it is like to work in UK PLC from a diverse talent perspective.

Why we’re building the Inclusion

Our founders share the reasons why we’re launching this newsletter and what you can expect.


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