Introducing the Inclusion – our monthly D&I news and insights newsletter.

by | Apr 5, 2019

It gives us great pleasure to launch the Arrival Education diversity and inclusion newsletter.

Called ‘The Inclusion’, we hope it will become a regular monthly read for business leaders and professionals who want to unlock the power of social and ethnic diversity. It should hopefully provide food-for-thought, practical ideas and insightful reads that can be shared with colleagues and wider networks.

See the power of difference

This newsletter is for those who see the power of difference and diversity and want their businesses to realise that diversity dividend.

We have bold ambitions. We hope our monthly pieces are thought-provoking, practical and occasionally life-affirming. We want it to become a must-read for people with already impossibly busy lives, who want to have their teams and businesses be the best they can be.

We’ll be asking our talent from the Arrival Network to share their perspectives on what UK PLC can do better to attract, retain and develop socially and ethnically diverse talent. Allowing us to share their perspective, as well as the challenges, insights and opportunities facing young and ambitious diverse talent like them, entering the world of work today, will give the newsletter genuine insightful depth. We will also be sharing data, insight, best practice and research.

And each month we will have a piece written by someone who is delivering on D&I outcomes from our network of HRDs, D&I specialists and Business Leaders.

April’s instalment

  • Ed Fox, HR Strategy and Policy Manager, FCAA encourages us to scale up what works and turn off what doesn’t. 
  • Jordanna Philips, Commercial Finance Analyst, Coca-Cola Europen Partners, writes a powerful, moving piece about what it is like to work in UK PLC from a diverse talent perspective. 
  • Lastly, Arrival Education’s Co-Founder Dan Snell writes on why Business Leaders need to support their D&I teams more if they want to see real change. 

We’d love to hear from you

We’d love to find out more about what you would find most useful as you try to help your organisations become places where diverse talent can flourish. Please do get in touch with ideas and suggestions. From time-to-time, we will send out short, focused surveys, which, with our partners, we will turn into insight and solution pieces for you.

We have been tremendously lucky to have worked with some incredible people, who gave us their time and insight but more importantly, trusted us to change their businesses and their people. We wanted to share that same generous spirit with you via our newsletter.

We hope you find it thought-provoking. And we would love to hear your thoughts on the first one.

Co-Founders, Daniel Snell & Emily Shenton
Arrival Education Ltd.

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