Our students impress at presentation evening for the first Artemis Profit Hunt

by | Apr 3, 2019

CSR working with investment banking

On the 19th of March, 50 sixth form students from our inaugural Artemis Profit Hunt competition presented in front of a room of 75 people for our student presentations event. The Profit Hunt, which Arrival Education runs in partnership with Artemis Investment Management, pits teams of students in a simulated trading environment for a four-month period. Teams select five stocks to invest in, with the opportunity to trade fortnightly, with each team supported by two volunteer Fund Managers from Artemis.

The CSR programme provides students with an insight into the world of investment, and the chance to grow skills in research, teamwork, communication and decision-making. The presentations event occurs midway through the competition; teams are asked to pick one of their stocks and present on the journey so far. The teams represent five schools: Langdon Park, Brampton Manor Academy, Cardinal Pole, Morpeth and Alperton.

A record number of presentations

All 11 teams from the Artemis Profit Hunt competition presented, marking a record number of team presentations at one event for Arrival Education. We are proud in acknowledging that the quality is getting higher and higher, with teams dedicating significant time and effort into creating and then rehearsing their presentations.

Nick Shenton, Fund Manager at Artemis and a volunteer investment advisor, commented on how the volunteers were “all hugely impressed by the dedication and commitment shown by the students. They embraced the challenge of speaking in front of 60+ peers and mentors, by going a long way outside of their comfort zones to deliver fresh, stimulating and professional presentations.”

“I found that the opportunity to present took me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to not only experience the practical aspects of what a future career in investment looks like but it also aided in developing my oratory skills as well as team skills” – Christabel, Team Shmoney. 

Team Kaizen, runners up, present at Artemis Profit Hunt event

The power of presenting

The presentation stage of the competition provides a fantastic opportunity for teams to not only build their presentation skills but equally illustrate how they can work collaboratively as a team to deliver. Artemis volunteers often remind the students of the importance of how you come across when presenting your portfolio, and the level of engagement and rapport with the audience. The significance of this became clear for the students at the event. Students engaged the audience with questions and humour, two devices which often don’t come across until you are more experienced presenters.

The importance of teamwork strongly came across for one team, The Dragons, who have shown strong unity throughout the competition, demonstrated this during the presentation event through their commitment to multiple rehearsals ahead of the night.

Team member Asiya Farah exemplified this, noting how “we were very committed when preparing for our presentation; it was very fun to worry together, and then feel relief together after it was all done.”

“The volunteers were all hugely impressed by the dedication and commitment shown by the students. They embraced the challenge of speaking in front of 60+ peers and mentors, by going a long way outside of their comfort zones to deliver fresh, stimulating and professional presentations.” – Nick Shenton, Fund Manager, Artemis

Life-long impact

The experience stands the students in good stead for future speaking opportunities. Another team member of The Dragons, Hafiza Alim noted how initially the team were “really nervous and stressed because we didn’t know how people will react, but as soon as we actually stood in front the nerves empowered us in some way, and it went better than expected.”

Students take a lot from the experience, with the adrenaline and energy of the night fuelling their trading decisions in the final month of the competition. Hafiza highlighted “how the team’s drive” strengthened throughout the process of the presentations. And that even though some past trading decisions haven’t come to fruition, the chance to reflect as part of the presentation experience has “taught us to take risks, in order to learn from it.”

A mutual learning experience

We love it when the benefits of our programmes also rub off on volunteers, and it is warming for us to hear how the presentation event has impacted the Artemis fund manager. Julian Rodriguez, one of the advisors for The Dragons, admires the “curiosity and abundance of questions” from the team, as well as their communication skills. Mentors support students via a group WhatsApp channel, and Julian comments how he remembers “waking up one morning to over 200 unread messages.” Nick Shenton reflected how the volunteers “learned as much from them as they did from us! One of the presentations highlighted the importance of covering your teammates’ blind spots when investing, and this is an angle that we are now using in our investment process on the UK Income fund.”

Whatsapp messages sent between teams and Artemis volunteers

CEO event at Investec Head Office

And the winner is…

A panel of four judges from Artemis had the nigh on impossible task of selecting a winning team. Team Shmoney from Brampton Manor school came through victorious, with the judges commenting on their confidence, smooth delivery and very well-researched presentation. Two teams were awarded runners up prizes: Kaizen and Sole Survivors.  We congratulate all members of these teams. The programme now enters its final weeks, with competition amongst teams for the winning portfolio hotting up!

Profit Hunt Teams

Schmoney Abena, Charley, Christabel, Zoe, Tosin *Winners*
Kaizen Wenamo, Mercy, Precious, Erica, Roshanna *Runners up*
Sole Survivors Axsana, Juhi, Abdalla, Dharmic, Efaz *Runners up*
JTMMC Jhensiah, Tayari, Muhriz, Cameron, Mohamed
Sterling Jhensiah, Tayari, Muhriz, Cameron, Mohamed
Wolves of Wall Street Donatas, Vladislav, Mohammed, Mohamed, Jimmy
MASHH Hussain, Shadman, Abdul, Mizanur, Aminul
Money Makers Bilal, Rahim, Tharmetha, Suher, Karan
Intaxicated Serena, Charlie, Ukane, Kevin, Azari-El
Dragons Zahirah, Samiha, Hafiza, Asiya, Tasnim
Hustler’s Hustle Afran, Thanbir, Abdullahi, Mohammed

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