As our 4th Invest for Success programme concludes, students talk about the impact on their employability skills

by | Mar 27, 2019

A bespoke CSR programme

If you were given £100,000 to build and manage an investment portfolio, how well would it perform after five months?

On 12th March 2019, we celebrated the completion of our Invest for Success CSR programme with Investec. Over the past five months, more than 25 volunteers from Investec’s Wealth & Investment division have helped 50 sixth-form students, who face social, economic and cultural barriers to entering the financial services sector, from London and Liverpool understand how the stock market works. The volunteers assisted 10 teams in selecting and managing their own portfolio, as part of our simulated trading game. This year marked the fourth time we have run the programme, and the first time we have hosted students from Liverpool.

The journey

The students started out in October with very limited knowledge of stock markets and the principles of investment. Throughout the five months, they were asked to select five companies to invest hypothetical money in, with the opportunity to buy or sell on a fortnightly basis. They were encouraged to research the companies, take risks and asked to give a presentation on one of their investment decisions in January, all under the guidance of their volunteer advisors from Investec.

CEO event at Investec Head Office

Partnering young people and leaders

The 50 students, selected from over 100 applicants, represented Brampton Manor Academy, Morpeth School, NewVic College, Langdon Park School and North Liverpool Academy. It provided a chance for them to learn new knowledge and skills, become comfortable with operating in a professional environment, and develop their teamwork.

“I really enjoyed the programme because of all the new things I learnt about the financial sector, as well as the fact that I was able to experience what it is like to own a portfolio, and how much effort is actually needed in order for it to be successful.”

Angelika Adamczyk, NewVic College

“This experience has given me first-hand insight into the financial world, and shown me what type of leadership skills are necessary.”

Fahmid Ahmed, Brampton Manor Academy

Value for all involved

This experiential CSR programme has provided a wealth of learning opportunities for students, as well as the volunteers from Investec.


    Of students reported an increase in employability skills


    Reported they have gained a new perspective or way of thinking


    Of students state their ability to give effective presentations has increased

    Investec volunteers

    • Improved people management skills  
    • Enhanced listening skills
    • An insight into the lives of socially and ethnically diverse students


    • Improved employability skills
    • Greater insight into careers in finance
    • Enhanced knowledge of the stock market, and the principles of investment

    The Awards evening

    We marked the completion of the programme with the Awards Evening. Team E6, from Brampton Manor Academy, won the Best Performing Portfolio award, with their portfolio returns coming in a tantalising 0.09% greater than the second-placed team, The Real GDPs. Team Elevate, from NewVic College, were awarded the Team Spirit award, with their volunteers praising them for their commitment, collective decision making, and positive attitudes throughout.

    The programme’s recognition

    The CSR programme enjoys continued industry recognition, having been awarded Gold in Best Education Project at the Global Good Awards in 2018. This year, Investec and Arrival Education have been shortlisted for the Best Partnership award at the Business Charity Awards.

    A few words from Investec

    Dan Hall, Senior Investment Director at Investec, has been instrumental in driving the programme’s continued success. This year, Dan reflected how “we raise the bar with every cohort, in terms of the program we deliver and the participation of the students involved.  It was pleasing to include teams who were assisted by Investec Wealth & Investment employees in Liverpool, and the feedback from both the volunteers and students was that it was a very worthwhile and rewarding programme.”

    Nicolette Tomazos, Corporate Sustainability Programme Manager, commented how “together we created a really fun, interesting and, most importantly, an educational programme. It exposed the students in London and Liverpool to money management and investment concepts, as well as developing their confidence and their ability to work in a team.”

    The Invest for Success teams

    E6 Hashir, Ahsan, Fahmid, Mohammed, Shah *WINNERS* Portfolio Prize and *WINNERS* Presentation Prize
    The Real GDPs Joshua, Newton, Temitope, Joyce, Jyotirmoy *Runners up* Portfolio Prize
    Elevate Angelika Nahima, Nadia, Hani, Denada *Team spirit award* 
    Ahlie Hisham, Hasan, Shahad, Maisha, Hamza *Runners up* Presentation Prize
    Magical Economist Ngoc, Jannat, Ahmed, Ismail, Ayan
    5iq Ashad, Zubair, Niaz, Ishtiaq, Ibrahim
    Forest Gate Steisi, Hamza, Nathan, Sibora, Fatoumata
    Fraudulent Figures Nadim, Abu, Tanbir, Sheikh, Mohammed
    NLA XI James, Liam, Daniel, Alec, Erik
    Stroke of Luck Mark, Sean, Daniel, Joseph, Luke

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