Celebrating our GSK partnership and the new #GSKUnlocked programme.

by | Mar 14, 2019 | Feautured, Organisations, Talent

The Arrival Education team are delighted to announce that they have recently confirmed another year of partnership with leading pharmaceutical organisation, GSK.

This partnership shows that we recognise the need to build connections with different talent pools 

– Benoit Alsteens, SVP Finance

Developing career skills is essential for a successful professional journey

Building on successful previous programmes, Arrival Education and the UK GSK team have worked closely to design this year’s programme, GSK Unlocked.

GSK Unlocked will be delivered in GSK House, Brentford and will provide members of the Arrival Network – diverse talent aged 18-26 – with the knowledge, insight and skills that will help them prepare for a successful professional journey. It also provides awareness of GSK’s graduate and industrial placement opportunities opening Autumn 2019 and information on how to access these.

Starting in April 2019, and running for eight months, the programme is a combination of insight sessions, group learning seminars and three-way coaching groups. In the coaching groups senior leaders, alumni of and current participants on GSK’s Future Leaders Graduate programme, and members of the Arrival Network will work together to explore GSK’s core values and expectations – as well as setting and achieving goals.


Programme outcomes

For Arrival Network members

Through these experiences, Arrival Network members will gain a deep insight into GSK and its commitment to being a truly diverse and inclusive organisation.  They will also develop many skills and knowledge that will be invaluable when applying to GSK and other firms.

For GSK as an organisation

GSK Unlocked provides a platform to continue GSK’s commitment to be an organisation that truly welcomes diverse talent, as well as finding great talent that they can recruit.

What is the history of the partnership?

We began working with GSK back in 2014 through our Coaching Skills for Inclusive Cultures programme, where GSK staff worked with students aged 15-18 over a 9-month period.

There is a strong coaching culture at GSK and leaders recognise they can learn a lot through coaching talents from diverse backgrounds.  

Since then more than 60 GSK staff have participated in Arrival Education’s Inclusive Coaching Skills programmes. Participants report significant improvements in their coaching skills, positive impact on their confidence at managing diverse talent and, for those who are parents, there are often many benefits felt at home.

I am looking forward to welcoming the first member of Arrival Education’s Arrival Network into GSK on the Future Leaders Programme this Autumn.

Benoit Alsteens, SVP Finance

Diverse hires

In 2018 the first member of the Arrival Network secured a place on the highly competitive Future Leaders Programme, starting Autumn 2019. It was a big moment for everyone who has championed and supported the partnership from the beginning. We are looking forward to building on this success in 2019!

Reviewing application processes

In addition, through the programmes with Arrival Education, the early years team have realised that it was crucial to continue to review the application process for the FLP Graduate scheme and assess whether any criteria are potentially preventing great candidates from getting through the first round.

Benoit Alsteens, SVP Finance, Pharmaceuticals Supply Chain: “This partnership is a very tangible sign for me that GSK is serious about diversity and inclusion. It shows that we recognise the need to build connections with different talent pools and demonstrates that GSK is a place where everyone can be themselves and valued. We need to continue to challenge and push ourselves to grow and learn how to effectively lead diverse teams. I am looking forward to participating in this year’s programme and welcoming the first member of Arrival Education’s Arrival Network into GSK on the Future Leaders Programme this Autumn.”


Get involved

If you are interested in hearing more about how your organisation could run a similar coaching programme in partnership with Arrival Education, please contact our Director, Emily on emily.shenton@arrivaleducation.com.

Aged 18-26 and would like to get access to our programmes and opportunities? Join the Arrival Network to get involved or message us on Whatsapp on 07508839915.