On January 30th 2019, Arrival Education & Kerry Foods celebrated the completion of our 2018 Coaching with Purpose programme.

What were we celebrating?

Back in April 2018, 15 Coaches from Kerry Foods and 15 Students from Arrival Education’s Arrival Network – drawn from London, the Midlands, Manchester and Dublin – started on our 9 months Coaching with Purpose Programme.

Kerry Foods coaches

A combination of members of Kerry’s Talent Deal (High Potential Future Leaders) and members of the Exec Team – volunteered for the programme to improve their coaching skills, connect with the next generation of diverse talent and to bring to life core Kerry Foods values about doing the right thing and giving everyone the opportunity to succeed.

Our coachees

Arrival Education’s coachees – a combination of university students and recent graduates from socially and ethnically diverse backgrounds – applied for the programme to help them on their path to career and life success. The programme gave them the opportunity to work with business leaders who they would normally never encounter and helped them to achieve goals and develop key leadership mindsets, to support them through the big decisions they face at this stage in their lives. Over 9 months the aim was for the pairs to meet or speak at least 6 times, with the whole group reconvening in October – halfway through.

What the event entailed

The Celebration event gave everyone an opportunity to reflect on their development and to hear the impact on the students. Given the pressures the pairs had encountered throughout the 9 months, including major life changes for the students as some transitioned into their first full-time jobs, it was refreshing to have the time and space to reflect.
As well as providing the opportunity for everyone to reconnect with their pairs, and make plans for the continuation of their relationships, coachees gave short presentations on what they have gained from the programme and to acknowledge their coaches. The diverse cohort of students and early years talent spoke eloquently and from the heart, acknowledging their coaches’ roles in helping them grow. Their coaches had the opportunity to acknowledge their coachees, as the pair celebrated both their personal and joint successes. It was a hugely moving occasion, with Aston University student Samiha Shimla describing how “the thought of public speaking had always been a bit daunting for me, but as I started speaking and focused on sharing the story of mine and my coach’s journey, it allowed me to reflect and acknowledge the overall experience.”
After the presentations Duncan Everett, CEO of Kerry Foods, and Emma Rose, HR Director added their reflections on the day, the programme, and the culture of coaching and inclusive leadership at Kerry. All coaches and their coachees were presented with completion certificates to bring the programme to its close.

An impactful programme

The programme had helped the ambitious students and employees, as well as the Kerry coaches, grow their confidence, self-awareness and leadership skills. UCD student Shekemi Denuga reflected that “the biggest impact a programme can have on a person is to change their mindset” and how having a coach “motivated me to increase my intentions with my goals: by setting goals, taking actions to achieve them, and then to reflect to look for improvements.”
It is the second time Kerry Foods have run such a programme with Arrival Education, with coaches representing Kerry from across the UK and Ireland. Nicola Weldon, one of the coaches, reflected how she and her coachee “have both learned so much together” and that she “was really provoked to question and challenge [her] own perspective on balance, and recalibrate what centres” her. She noted that “the Celebration Event brought to life the rich value of this incredible programme and captured the ethos and essence of Arrival Education and the amazing work they do. To hear the positive personal impact from everyone was remarkable; I felt a heightened awareness of our collective achievements.”
Coach and Kerry Foods CFO Will Cadbury concluded that the programme “has given a team of people a fantastic experience that we will all continue to benefit from as we continue our relationships with our coachees. This reaches into our values and gives us all energy which will help us achieve our own goals.”
With many of the pairs articulating their desire to continue working together we look forward to seeing how the partnerships develop over time. Previously, students coached by Kerry Foods coaches have joined Kerry Foods in Early Careers positions.

What’s next?

We are reviewing the programme with the Kerry Foods team and hope to partner again with Kerry Foods for a 2019 programme. The Arrival Education team is also helping students, with an interest in working with Kerry Foods navigate the recruitment process and continue their career success

If you are interested in hearing more about this programme, or how your organisation could run a similar coaching programme in partnership with Arrival Education, please contact our Director, Emily on emily.shenton@arrivaleducation.com.

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