Invest for Success students present to senior Investec professionals during presentation evening

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Last week, the 2018-19 Invest for Success programme was shown to be in full-swing, with 47 sixth-form students across 10 teams delivering presentations on their hypothetical investment portfolios.

Invest for Success is an award-winning programme developed by Arrival Education in collaboration with our long-standing partners, Investec. The programme is essentially a “trading game” for sixth-form students, designed to give them a taster of what working in investments could be like.

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What is Invest for Success?

 Each team, supported by two Investec investment advisors, selects 5 companies with which they create an imaginary investment portfolio. Teams have a budget of £100,000 and can trade every fortnight to increase their returns. There are prizes for the teams with the most valuable portfolio at the end of the programme; the best levels of engagement and the best presentation (which was delivered last week at this midway point).

Student presentations

 Last week, the 10 teams each delivered a presentation to their peers, Investec volunteers and a panel of Investec’s senior leaders. Each team’s presentation focused on 1 of the 5 companies that they had invested in, with teams explaining their decisions, results and what they had learnt.

 This presentation is a key part of the overall Invest for Success programme and is included to give the students experience in public speaking, teamwork and self-awareness. The 2018-19 programme has also, for the first time, included students from a school outside of London with 2 teams coming from North Liverpool Academy. For these students, the presentations were also an opportunity to travel to London and reconnect with the other London-based teams.  Investec also put on a whole host of meetings and experiences for the Liverpool teams during the afternoon, prior to the presentations! 

 Prizes awarded for the best presentation, as well as for the best runner-up. The students in first place were each given a £25 cinema voucher, as well as the opportunity to attend a 3-hour workshop on how to give a great presentation (which the runners up were also invited to as their prize!).

What was the outcome?

Matt Cooper, Programmes Manager at Arrival Education, commented that he was “hugely impressed with the quality of the presentations; both the detail of analysis in the slides and the confidence and assurance in the delivery were excellent”. Students also gave excellent feedback; “we felt so confident up on stage presenting thanks to all the help and information we received from our two Investec volunteers and Arrival Education.

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