Arrival Education and Artemis launch The Artemis Profit Hunt Programme for 6th Form Students

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Last week saw Arrival Education and Artemis launch their new joint programme for Year 12 students, The Artemis Profit Hunt. 

The Profit Hunt is intended to give young people from our partner schools insight in to the world of Finance and Investments.

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What is The Artemis Profit Hunt? 

The Profit Hunt is a competition which runs from December to April and sees student teams invest imaginary money in shares of 5 companies, which they choose from a total list of 20 including PayPal; Merlin; Netflix; Amazon; ASOS and Unilever. Teams have the opportunity, if they wish, to choose 4 companies from the list and then a 5th “Wildcard” company, that they have researched themselves. Teams must meet every fortnight to discuss their strategy and decide if they would like to stick with their current portfolio, or make any changes. Every month, teams meet with mentors from Artemis, who they can discuss their strategies with and seek any advice they need.

Throughout the programme, league tables are released showing how each team is doing, based on the profit of their current portfolio. In the final weeks of the programme, students will prepare a presentation for Artemis staff about their strategy and what they have learnt from the Profit Hunt. There is an award for best presentation, as well as most profitable team, most profitable single stock and best team spirit, with a cash prize for the winners of each category!

Who is involved? 

The Profit Hunt involves a total of 54 students from 5 of our partner schools in London. Students are split across 11 teams of 4 or 5 students. These teams are made up of students who are interested in a career in Finance and want the opportunity to learn more about the industry and work with some Finance Professionals from Artemis Investment Management. Each team has the opportunity to work with 2 mentor volunteers from Artemis, who can provide them with advice and guidance as they make their way through the competition.

For the volunteers from Artemis, the Profit Hunt provides an excellent opportunity to give back to the community and speak to young people from socially and ethnically diverse backgrounds, who they would not usually have access to. For many, this is a unique experience that helps them to see things from a new perspective, whilst developing their mentoring and communication skills.

What happened at the launch event? 

The Artemis Profit Hunt was launched last week at the Artemis’s offices in Mayfair, central London. Students and volunteers were welcomed with presentations from Arrival Education and Artemis. Students were then split in to their teams and matched with two volunteer mentors from Artemis, who they will work with throughout the whole programme. Students and mentors spent some time getting to know each other and made their first portfolio decisions. Looking ahead to the New Year, students and mentors were very excited to get their teeth in to their strategies and get the competition started!

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