Mimecast and Arrival Education launch new partnership with ‘Success Skill Workshop’

Corporate Social Responsibility

Earlier this year Arrival Education were delighted to announce that we would be working with Mimecast to deliver Success Skills Workshops to young people in our Access Network, which is made up of 16 and 17 year-old students from across our partner schools.

Last week, Arrival Education and Mimecast delivered their first joint uccess Skills Workshop on interview skills to sixth form students.

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Success Skills Workshops

The workshop took place at Mimecast’s offices in central London and was an opportunity for 17 students from two of our partner schools to work with volunteers from Mimecast in order to better understand how to be successful in interviews. The event was a huge success, and it was brilliant to see so many enthusiastic volunteers from Mimecast.

During the Success Skills Workshop, volunteers from Mimecast worked with students to help them gain a better understanding of what makes a great interview. The session began with students brainstorming the kinds of things that they thought were important when attending an interview, and volunteers providing feedback and suggestions. Students and volunteers discussed things like confidence; body language; what to wear and making eye contact. Students and volunteers also discussed interview techniques, such as the S-T-A-R method for answering interview questions.

“It was a great session, the kids were engaging and curious and it feels really good to be helping people.”

– Mimecast Volunteer

Sharing volunteer experiences 

Students were then given 3 job descriptions and worked with volunteers to think about the key skills and knowledge that each one was asking for, as well as how their experiences might demonstrate these skills. Students were then given the opportunity to have a mock interview for 2 of the 3 job descriptions, where they received feedback from volunteers about what they did well and what they could improve for next time!

The Success Skills Workshop was designed in order to support the students, who will shortly be preparing for job or university interviews when they finish school, as well as for the Mimecast volunteers who received excellent coaching experience. Volunteers were able to use their own experiences to provide the students with insights and practical advice, whilst also developing their own leadership skills. One volunteer reflected that “I thought it was hugely impressive to see these young adults and how dedicated and motivated they were. It was inspiring to meet them!” and another noted how the workshop was “a really practical way to help youngsters with key interview skills, using our own experiences.”

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The interview success workshop it just one in a series of workshops that Arrival Education runs with leading corporate partners in order to provide guidance for students and young people from socially and ethnically diverse backgrounds, and leadership and coaching experience for volunteers. If you would like any information about how you can work with Arrival Education, please get in touch using the contact form below.

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