Arrival Education attends City Giving Day at Investec offices to showcase long-standing partnership

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This month Arrival Education were invited to have a stand at Investec’s City Giving Day event, which took place at their brand new offices in Central London.

City Giving Day is an initiative run by the Lord Mayor and gives businesses the opportunity to showcase their volunteering, charitable or community projects and partnerships.

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Ten years of partnership with Investec

Arrival Education was one of four showcases at the event and was intended to demonstrate the opportunities available for employees at Investec to “give back” and promote a proactive approach to CSR. Arrival Education is this year celebrating 10 years of partnership with Investec and over this time we are proud to have contributed to Investec’s outstanding CSR agenda, as well as having worked with them to create a pipeline for socially and ethnically diverse talent to enter the corporate world.

Over the last decade, Arrival Education and Investec have worked together to deliver a plethora of programmes intended to support young people aged 16 – 18 from socially and ethnically diverse backgrounds gain access to the corporate world. Together, Arrival Education and Investec have worked with thousands of young people, over thousands of hours, to deliver an impressive:

  • 110 workshops, team activities and short-term events;
  • 134 one-to-one coaching relationships;
  • 4 bespoke programmes
  • More than 50 Success Skill speaker sessions.

Highlights from the above programmes have included the hugely successful Developing Leaders coaching programme and the award-winning Invest for Success initiative (Global Good Awards and Financial Innovation Awards winner).

“There is really valuable work being done by City firms, benefitting society through business volunteering, fundraising events and philanthropic work. City Giving Day is a chance to shout out about this vital work, whilst at the same time encouraging others to get involved. It’s clear to see that many firms are now making responsible business programmes and philanthropic activity a core part of their purpose, a rising trend which looks set to increase.”
Charles Bowman, Lord Mayor of the City of London

Developing Leaders Inclusive Coaching Programme

The Developing Leaders coaching programme sees professionals from Investec matched with a young person from the Arrival Network – our vast network of socially and ethnically diverse, young talent. The young people are given access to insights from someone working within a corporate environment at a time in their life when they are making important decisions about their futures.

Coaches are trained in Arrival Education’s proprietary CAUSE Coaching Model and learn how to ask the right questions to support the young person they are paired with. By asking certain questions, coaches can support the young person in understanding the options available to them, managing their responsibilities effectively and taking the right approach to decision-making. Coaches also gain skills related to how they can effectively manage and lead diverse teams and be open to ideas from different kinds of people, with different backgrounds and world views.

Invest for Success

Arrival Education has also worked with Investec to deliver the award-winning Invest for Success programme. With the help of Investec’s investment experts, student teams choose notional share portfolios and trade shares in and out of these over six months. The students also meet Investec’s CEO and COO and present on their portfolios and lessons learned, with prizes for portfolio value, presentation skills and engagement.

City Giving Day was a wonderful opportunity for Arrival Education to showcase our partnership with Investec. We are proud of everything the partnership is already delivering and look forward to the exciting ventures to come, including the launch of this year’s Invest for Success programme next month.

“I learned a lot about myself as well as the wealth management world. It really boosted my confidence and made me think about a career in the world of Finance”
Invest for Success Student Participant

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