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During the last 12 years, we’ve been fortunate to support the development of thousands of brilliant and ambitious, socially and ethnically diverse young talent.

Recently we’ve been speaking with students from some of the first programmes we ran back in 2009/10, to find out what the impact of working with Arrival Education has had on their careers and lives so far. This week, we caught up with L’Marr…

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Where did you grow-up/ go to school? What was it like?

I grew up in Croydon and attended Oasis Academy in Shirley Park. Growing up in Croydon was both exciting and dangerous. It’s a multi-cultural area, which allowed me to understand people from different parts of the world without holding an obscure view. However, the other side of this was seeing people in real difficulty, witnessing what self-hate is and seeing how detrimental that could be.

School, on the other hand, was a pleasant experience depending on how you look at things. A great mixture of ethnicities and big personalities. The first years were hard – constantly being confronted, compromising to avoid hostility and having to stand up for myself – but I learnt early how to ‘play the game’.

How old were you when you started working with Arrival Education?

I started on one of Arrival Education’s programmes aged 13-14. I also started working for Arrival Education when I was ages 17-18 before I decided to go to university.

What has been the impact on you/ your life of working with Arrival Education?

Working with Arrival Education there are three key skills that have had an impact: perseverance, integrity and leadership.

Being able to persevere through adversity has helped me a lot. Usually, when situations seemed like they were against me I would look for another path. Now, when faced with similar situations I look for a different view. This allows me to be unstoppable because I know if there is a will there is a way.

Working with Arrival Education you learn to do better and improve continuously. Never settling for anything less.

If you hadn’t worked with Arrival Education, what do you think the difference would be?

I would have held myself back in self-doubt. I wouldn’t have taken the opportunities that arose or the made the bold moves I’ve made for myself.

Looking back, what was it about working with Arrival Education that most helped you?

Learning the importance of interaction between people, sharing information and personal experiences. It really puts things into perspective and it has allowed me to appreciate things more.

Also, the attitude of everyone involved in Arrival Education, is about positivity and striving for success. For example, sharing what has went well, what hasn’t gone well. It reminds you that everyone is human and we all go through our trials and tribulations, but how we tackle these barriers is what defines us at Arrival Education.

What are you doing now? What are your hopes for your future?

Recently I’ve finished my course in computer science. Whilst studying, I have been working in a number of roles, which led me to my current job at Royal Mail. I will be using the funds earned to achieve new IT certificates and coaching licences.

What would you say about Arrival Education, to someone who had never heard of us?

That Arrival Education is a place that will shape your mindsets to always strive for success and greatness. A place where you develop self-motivation, confidence and self-awareness.

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