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Coaching Skills

Every year, we facilitate more than 120 coaching relationships between members of our diverse young talent network and business leaders.

We witness the benefits our programmes have on engagement, inclusion and culture every day. This is why we we ask all our employees to take part in a coaching skills programme too.

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Coaching skills for business leaders

Coaching skills for diversity & inclusion

We have spoken with many business leaders who have said they have implemented diversity and inclusion strategies but not got the positive results they were expecting. One of the barriers is the lack of inclusive workplace culture. Arrival Education’s coaching skills for leaders aims to equip managers and leaders with coaching skills to create and lead an inclusive culture. The Business Journals reports:

  • Participants are more likely to stay at the organization
  • Direct reports indicate participants improved in manager effectiveness over time more than three times faster than a control group
  • Professional coaching with a focus on diversity and inclusion can support individuals’ professional growth, organizational development and overall success of the enterprise

A dose of our own medicine

With all the benefits we’re aware that employee development and coaching skills delivers for both the participants, colleagues and the business, we practice what we preach.

This week, Alice, Head of Delivery and Talent, met her coachee and began the Leading with Purpose coaching skills programme. Here’s what she had to say about taking part: 

“Delivering high quality work is part of our DNA at Arrival Education. Whilst our coaching programme receives brilliant feedback from the students and corporate participants, we are always looking at how we can make it even better.


As a development business it is really important that we continually deepen and develop our own skills. Having everyone participate in this programme makes that possible and gives us the chance to make a difference ourselves.”

Enable business leaders to cultivate a diverse and inclusive workplace culture

Our inclusive coaching skills programmes are backed with more than 10 years experience and expertise of working with big businesses and our diverse young talent network. Our bespoke programmes help participants become:

  • More skilled at managing others
  • More effective at giving effective and/or difficult feedback
  • More effective at helping others produce results
  • Better at empowering and enabling their teams
  • More open to and aware of different talent
  • More authentic and self-aware

Our clients are blue-chip organisations from a range of industries and our programme is effective from board-level through to first-time line managers.

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