10 years of CSR with Eversheds Sutherland Unlocked

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10 years ago, we partnered with leading law firm Eversheds Sutherland to design a work experience programme for students aged 16-18 years that steered away from the usual photocopying or tea and coffee making.

Together, we created the corporate social responsibility programme Eversheds Sutherland Unlocked: a life-changing, social mobility programme for more than 140 school leavers, which was launched in 7 of their offices across England and Wales.

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Arrival Education’s 10th CSR Programme with Eversheds

Eversheds Sutherland’s corporate social responsibility programme used the law firms skills and expertise to make an impact on the lives of diverse young talent. The law firm is determined to prove students who have academic potential and an interest in law but who may believe that a legal career is out of their reach, that it is possible. The company’s innovative CSR programme offers students: 

  • hands-on experience of what it’s like to be a lawyer
  • genuine support to achieve potential
  • the possibility of developing your very own ‘pathway’ to a career in law

This year, as we launch our tenth programme, we caught up with Sharon, a former Eversheds Sutherland Unlocked participant, who will join the progressive international law firm as a trainee at the firm next September. We asked Sharon what the programme meant to her.

“Growing up I knew I wanted to have a different life to the people I saw around me but there were few role models or supporters to inspire, encourage or even believe in me. When I applied for Eversheds Sutherland Unlocked all I was really hoping for was something impressive to put on my CV. I had no idea what that programme would mean to me and my future.


“In the 3 days I spent at Eversheds Sutherland Unlocked I was encouraged to reflect on my goals and aspirations. Aside from pragmatic guidance, I also received positive feedback and could see that people believed in my abilities – perhaps more than I did myself. As a result, those 3 days ended up becoming massively influential in my long-term development.”


“The people I met on Eversheds Sutherland Unlocked helped me to overcome various barriers including the challenge of being one of very few people in my community to go to university. It has not been straightforward at all, which makes it even more special to be able to stand up in front of this year’s group and say that I was sitting where they are 7 years ago and that I will be starting as a trainee at Eversheds Sutherland next September. I was championed by Eversheds Sutherland Unlocked and without that experience I would not be where I am today.”

We would like to thank everyone involved from Eversheds Sutherland in Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Cardiff and London, as well as the Arrival Education delivery team, for making this such a brilliant programme that delivers real outcomes.


Corporate social responsibility programmes that make a social impact

There are huge benefits of implementing a CSR strategy for businesses, including:

  • positive business reputation & improved customer loyalty

  • better financial performance

  • increase in job satisfaction and employee retention
  • greater ability to attract talent
  • operational costs savings

Arrival Education, with our corporate partnerships, have won multiple awards and received national recognition through our CSR and social impact work. Our Ten Year Review offers further information.

If you would like to find out how we can work together on your CSR and social impact commitments, please get in touch and a member of the corporate sales team will be in touch.

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