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At Arrival Education, we are strong believers in practising what we preach. We work with leading organisations to promote the benefits of an inclusive culture with coaching at its heart, and, this coaching culture is something we also promote internally.

Our team are all paired with a young person from our network of diverse talent, which gives them the opportunity to develop their own leadership skills as well allowing for regular, direct contact with the talented young people that we work with.

We spoke to Emily Shenton, Co-Founder and Director of Arrival Education about her experience as a coach. Emily developed the CAUSE coach model that is used across our coaching programmes and uses it to structure her own coaching relationship.

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How do you think the Arrival Education coaching programme has impacted your development and what skills have you gained?

I started my coaching journey 18 years ago when coaching was a fairly new concept in the UK. I worked with adults doing leadership coaching and then moved into coaching young people back in 2006 when we first started Arrival Education. I also developed our CAUSE coaching model and designed the current coaching programme format. So I guess I have a lot of experience. However doing the coaching programme this year has really helped me in my ongoing development as a leader.

I have particularly found value in the leadership discussion modules covered in each session – which have both reinforced how much I have developed over the last few years, but have also helped me identify new areas for development. Talking through leadership behaviours with my student, and needing to demonstrate honest self-assessment, has really forced me to face some of my shortcomings as a leader! A bit uncomfortable to be sure, but incredibly useful and my coachee Raul, has given me some great input. I am certain that without the coaching programme I would not be moving forward on some key areas for myself as a leader.

What would you say to another professional who was thinking about participating in a coaching programme through Arrival Education?

It is not without its challenges (logistical mainly) but in terms of development – and I have done a lot of development programmes over the years – I think it is one of the best things you can do.

Learning in a classroom is one thing – but there is nothing at stake so the learning remains conceptual. There is something about being in a relationship that is actually about helping someone else achieve their goals that forces you to grow and change. You have to practice what you preach and that leads to change for both parties. It also forces you to think differently as even in my line of work it is easy to end up in a self-reinforcing bubble. Raul has some very different ways of looking at the world – due to age and background – which I find really helpful in thinking about how to engage with different people.

What is the most inspiring bit of progress you have seen in your students’ life since taking part in the coaching programme?

Raul has got much better at mapping out short-term steps and actions he can take to move forward on his goals. Not inspiring so much but he says it is something he’s struggled to do and it has meant he’s not always achieved what he knows he is capable of. Hopefully this can help.

Why do you think it’s important for organisations like yours to run programmes like these?

This is what we do; so we have to understand our programmes, promote a culture of development and growth and stay engaged with our talent. Otherwise we’ll just fall into the trap of talking but not doing.

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