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Arrival Education is proud to have worked with some great companies to deliver our coaching programmes, including Skanska, Investec, ASOS, GSK and Kerry Foods.
However, we believe our coaching models are so good for personal and professional development, that our own team members are also paired, as a coach, with a student from our network of diverse young talent. Read more: Coaching Programmes

How does coaching work?

Our team have first-hand experience of the difference that Arrival Education’s coaching programmes can make, both for the business leaders who act as coaches and the diverse young talent that they coach. For the coaches, the programme offers an excellent opportunity to develop coaching skills crucial to leading and managing diverse teams, engage with someone they would never normally come into contact with and accelerates their development as inclusive leaders.   For the students, the coaching programme offers invaluable guidance from a successful professional, exposure and access to a corporate world which may seem otherwise out-of-reach and, crucially, the confidence and interpersonal skills to pursue a career of their choice. Coaching is a win-win for all involved – of course Arrival Education’s own team wanted to get on-board!

The CAUSE coaching model

Arrival Education’s coaching programme gives the coaches the opportunity to practice, in a safe environment, our CAUSE coaching model. We developed this model after realising that well-established coaching models didn’t have the elements needed when the coach is different – in terms of age, life experience and culture – to the young person being coached. The CAUSE model offers a solution to this and helps both the coach and the student think differently and effectively about what they can get from each other. Our Directors, Daniel Snell and Emily Shenton are both paired with a member of our young talent networks, as are team members across our Operations, Management, HR, Marketing and Sales divisions. Over the coming weeks, we will be posting about the coaching experiences of our different coaches, so that you can hear more about the ways that coaching has improved their skills and approach.

Want to know more about coaching?

If your firm has a commitment to diversity and inclusion and coaching , or you are a young person from a socially or ethnically diverse background who is interested in being coached, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the contact form below.

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