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Around the time Terminal 5 was opened at London Heathrow, we first met Investec. One of immediate outcomes of these event was more successful than the other.

Yes, back in the spring of 2008, Arrival Education and Investec leaders were enthusiastic and committed social entrepreneurs with a lot of drive, commitment and a very big idea – and a few less laughter lines. Take a look at our work through the years.

Investec, like our other early corporate partners, could see the need for and potential of our 4-year development programme, Success for Life. In the summer of 2008, forward-thinking Investec took a small, educated risk by partnering with Arrival Education to fulfill their corporate social responsibility (CSR) agenda of positively contributing to education and young people.

When a banking & asset management group met a diverse group of talent

Early in our partnership, a few of our young students met some senior leaders at Investec. We asked the leaders if they could see themselves one day hiring those young people, who admittedly were young and had received little professional experience. They replied that they thought it was unlikely. An answer we expected but still disappointing to receive.

An opportunity to change

At the time, like most organisations, Investec recruiters drew their early years talent from a select group of universities and looked for a certain type of candidate – which was true of huge proportion of businesses at the time; our socially and ethnically diverse students clearly didn’t fit . We realised we had big challenges ahead to get our students Investec ready. Our aim? Developing our students to become success ready, and challenge and change recruiters perceptions’ of young professionals from non-traditional backgrounds.

Investec and its team were with us to accomplish our challenges.

A commitment to social impact

Over the following 8 years, Arrival Education set about coaching young professionals from disadvantage backgrounds to develop their skills, mindsets and employability to create the futures they deserve to have. We delivered:

  • 110 workshops, team activities and short term events
  • 134 one-to-one coaching relationships
  • 4 bespoke programmes
  • More than 50 Success Skill speaker sessions

An invaluable contribution to social impact

During this time, in helping us to develop the skills and prospects of our students, Investec staff have:

  • Worked directly with 1,485 young people
  • Contributed almost 5,000 hours

Not only that, Investec either hosted or co-sponsored each of Arrival Education’s annual graduation events for students who have completed our programmes.

Staff of all levels at Investec have energetically participated in the coaching programme, including the CEO. Feedback from the participants in the programme has been overwhelmingly positive:

  • 100% found the programme rewarding
  • 100% feel their ability to help others produce results has improved
  • 80% are more effective at work as a result of the coaching programme

Champions of diversity & inclusion

Investec employees have become advocates and champions of our amazing and inspiring young professionals. As a result of our work, viewpoints have changed about what talent really looks like, with attributes such as drive, tenacity, resilience, original thinking and resourcefulness becoming more important than other attributes where our students may not score as well as socially and economically privileged candidates.

From our first crop of students ready for graduate level jobs in 2016, Investec hired 6 from the pool of 12 talented young professionals we recommended to them.

An award winning partnership

Our partnership won the 2009 Heart of the City category of the Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards, which celebrates businesses’ social impact.

We have been shortlisted and highly commended on another 3 occasions.

We put a lot of work into creating diversity and inclusion, leadership, coaching skills and CSR programmes, but we wouldn’t have made the social impact we have without the dedication and enthusiasm of forward thinking organisations like Investec and their employees.

A competitive edge through a diverse, inclusive workforce

Our business services give companies a competitive advantage by matching them with motivated, talented and dedicated young people. We coach business leaders to attract, retain and develop socially and ethnically diverse young people who bring indisputable benefits to the workplace.

As a direct result of our programmes, our partner businesses have:

  • Recruited amazing young talent
  • Filled graduate roles and internships with dedicated, switched-on individuals who want to pursue a career in their organisation
  • Improved managers’ leadership and management skills
  • Developed leaders’ coaching skills to get the most out of diverse, inclusive teams

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