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Diverse Talent

We help switched-on, ambitious socially and ethnically diverse young talent achieve career and life success.


We help businesses recruit and retain socially and ethnically diverse young talent and make a positive social impact.

Why is diversity & inclusion important?

An increasing number of organisations are waking up to the power of diversity and social inclusion as a key driver of innovation, growth and increased business success. The evidence is clear: forward-thinking businesses know they need to diversify their workforce. However, many struggle to make the changes required to make this happen.

How does Arrival Education help diverse young talent?

Thousands of switched-on, ambitious socially and ethnically diverse young people leave school or graduate university every year only to be underemployed, simply because they don’t have the knowledge, skills or networks to navigate themselves into top businesses.

Working with our prestigious corporate partners, Arrival Education helps socially and ethnically diverse talent aged 16-26 achieve career and life success.

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Businesses want diverse young talent

Arrival Education has for more than 10 years’ bridged the gap between globally recognised brands and diverse young talent.

We do this by transforming perceptions, cultures and recruitment processes. We create advocates and champions for diversity at all levels. We equip staff with the skills to effectively attract, lead and manage diverse teams. We also help organisations build pipelines of ambitious, switched-on socially and ethnically diverse young talent to hire. Brands want to hire diverse young talent. We make this possible.

Our work is transformative, award-winning and life-changing.

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